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Daily Dose of Love: Orcas Swim By

Whale, Whale, Whale, What Do We Have Here! Although the Rubbing Beach Underwater cam is a stationary cam, we always sit in anticipation for who will swim by to say a quick hello. We have been so fortunate to be able to catch a series of sea life on this cam, including sea otters and even an octopus!

Daily Dose of Love: Breaching Humpback Whale!

Whale it, won’t it? What a wonderful surprise! We caught a beautiful Humpback Whale breaching the pristine waters on our Orca Live Cam! There is nothing more beautiful than watching a gentle giant come up to say hello. We are so happy to “sea” you, please come back soon! Dara | explore.org

Window into the World of Wild Belugas

“The western Hudson Bay beluga population numbers an estimated 57,300 and makes up approximately 35 percent of the world’s total, currently estimated at more than 160,000 based on population studies conducted since 2000.” In this piece, Matt Villano tries to answer the mystery of why beluga whales choose the Churchill River Estuary:

A Whale of a Tale

To tell Orcas apart, researchers photograph their growing dorsal fins. Once the whales begin to mature, “this period is marked by rapid growth in the dorsal fin. As the dorsal fin grows it begins to straighten out and lose its earlier curve. This growth is often termed ‘sprouting.’ Growth of the dorsal fin and body

Blowing Hot Air!

Did You know – that’s not water? Contrary to what most people think, whales do not actually spray water out of their blowholes. The blowhole is actually a whale’s nose on the top of its head. When inhaling they flex a muscle, which opens the blowhole, and take in a big gulp of air and then

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