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Join an All-New Live Chat with OrcaLab

Join us Friday, October 2nd at 11am PT on the OrcaLab Base Cam to chat with OrcaLab founders Paul Spong and Helena Symonds.

Orcas given protections from Navy sonar testing

For years, the U.S. Navy in its training activities has unintentionally harmed whales and other marine mammals off the coasts of Southern California and Hawaii. A federal court ruled that the Navy’s high intensity sonar tests and underwater detonations have caused millions of cases of permanent hearing loss, injuries, behavioral disruptions, and more than 150

Chat Live with OrcaLab Founders

Paul Spong and Helena Symonds founded OrcaLab in 1969 in a quest to study Northern Resident orca whales off the coast of British Columbia. By installing underwater hydrophones, OrcaLab is able to monitor the movement of whales throughout the year.

Live Chat with OrcaLab’s Megan Hockin-Bennett

Explore has partnered with OrcaLab for a new series of live Orca Cams to bring you the breathtaking sight of orca whales as they journey through the deep blue waters of the Pacific coast off British Colombia. Join us today, September 18th, at 12pm PT on the OrcaLab Base Cam to chat with OrcaLab researcher

Orcas are making a big splash on explore!

In an all-new series of stunning live cams, explore has partnered with OrcaLab to show you the private lives of orcasĀ in their natural environment.

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