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walrus naps on a submarine

Walrus Wakes from Saturday Night atop Submarine

We hope you had a fun (and responsible) weekend, because when you take it too far you may end up like this walrus. Some of the world’s most unusual snoozers, walruses can sleep on land or in water, slumbering on the surface of the ocean, on the seabed, or even using their tusks to hang

Checking In On the Gray Seals

The gray seals of Seal Island are about halfway through their mating and breeding season. Despite some rough weather in the Northeast, the camera operators and seals are doing great! Recently the weather has been wet and in single digits at night. The seals don’t mind at all; love, like snow, is in the air!

Happy New Year!

We hope  2014 brings you as much happiness as a freshly nursed Gray Seal pup! (Photo from explore.org fan Katharine Green)

A Few Amazing Facts About the Weedy Seadragon

The small weedy seadragon grows to just 1.5 feet, which is astonishing considering they don’t have stomachs! “They eat almost constantly and over wide areas, feeding on mysid shrimp and other small crustaceans, plankton, and larval fish.” Weedy seadragons also have an individually unique look as researchers doing population density studies have determined that individual

Gray Seal Pups

Gray seal pups are nursed for ~3 weeks. After, the mom leaves the pupping site. The pups then fast while they molt the remainder of their white fur. This fan snapshot from Tamelyn, is from our Gray Seal Pupping Cam now being tested on the live feed.  

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