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Daily Dose of Love: Orcas Underwater!

Orca Rubbing Beach Party! One of my favorite sights on all our live cams are pods of orcas cruising by the underwater rubbing beach cam. It’s called that because orcas come to rub their bodies on smooth pebbles. “Rubbing” is a cultural trait of Northern Resident orcas, unique to their population! Watch live every day on

Killer Footage of Killer Whales (Video)

Exquisite above-ocean video footage of killer whales was captured by an un-manned drone over Johnstone Strait off British Columbia.  Researchers from the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Vancouver Aquarium teamed up to follow the orcas, which are considered threatened species.

A Whale of a Tale

To tell Orcas apart, researchers photograph their growing dorsal fins. Once the whales begin to mature, “this period is marked by rapid growth in the dorsal fin. As the dorsal fin grows it begins to straighten out and lose its earlier curve. This growth is often termed ‘sprouting.’ Growth of the dorsal fin and body

10 Days, 10 Amazing Facts about Dolphins!

Day 6: Did You Know? Orcas or killer whales are actually dolphins! They are the largest of the dolphin family (Family Delphinidae ~ 32 species, including what we normally consider dolphins, pygmy killer whales, Feresa attenuata, and false killer whales, Pseudorca crassiddens). (marinebio)  See the orcas in the wild at explore.org