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Where’s Waldo?! Flown the Coop!

Our Great Horned Owl mom and owlet, Waldo, have seemed to fledge and flown the coop for the summer. Here’s an update from our partners at the Owl Research Institute: Hi all, thanks for patiently waiting for an update. After searching the area this morning, Matt was not able to locate Mom or Waldo. He

Breathe Easy

The Ospreys are letting off steam. It’s a comfortable 62* in Maine today, but the summer humidity and thunderstorms have arrived. Not to fret… they don’t bother Rachel and Steve or their eggs. “Birds do not sweat, and extreme heat stresses their body temperature.  They must remove this excess body heat through their respiratory system.  You can

Summer Sun

It might only be May but the sun is ready for summer. If you need to cool down, why not visit Hawaii? Today on the Pipeline Live Cam – one of several Hawaii features you can find here – it’s a cool 66*. The surf report is 3-4 feet and the water is an easy 77*.

The Dog Days of Summer!

With high temperatures, some easy ways to make sure your dogs are comfortable is to keep them hydrated, let them dig nice cool holes, take them out in the early morning or evening, and use it as an excuse to go swimming! Check our more tips for keeping your dog cool and safe this summer

5 SIZZLING SUMMER ways to Save Polar Bears

 / by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International 1. Turn down the thermostat, open your windows, and turn off air conditioning for a few hours each day. These practices reduce green house gas emissions! We don’t need cold air constantly; only use it when you really need it! 2. Make Your Own Shorts! On summer

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