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Visit our outdoor screening of “The Pacific Ocean”

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, visit downtown Santa Monica for an outdoor screening of our film “The Pacific Ocean”.

Swim Among Giant Kelp Forests On A New Underwater Live Cam

Explore and the National Park Service bring you new, spectacular live views of one of the richest marine environments in the world, home to nearly one thousand different plant and animal species. the Anacapa Ocean Live Cam takes you a virtual tour underwater among the giant kelp forests off Southern California’s Anacapa Island, where sea


Find Zen Again with Live Sunsets from Santa Monica

Winter is coming. The sun is low in the sky, or obscured entirely behind snowstorms (we’re looking at you Buffalo, NY). The season’s melancholic gloom of grey will paint our feelings for the next few months. The glorious reds, purples, and yellows of sunsets are few and far between – unless you catch these bold

Catch a California Sunset

On the Santa Monica Sunset Live Cam, you can catch the pink hues of sunset and the early morning surf off the famous Santa Monica Pier.