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This Is What Serene Looks Like

The waters were rough around Hawaii’s North Shore in Oahu, but it looks like things in this area are back to normal. Of course normal in Pipeline can be quite harrowing! 

Hawaiian History: the Land, the People, Today’s Culture

Hawaiian People: James Cook was the first Westerner to arrive in Hawaii in 1778 where he was met with rich Hawaiian culture. But long before Cook “found” the Islands, the Polynesians arrived possibly between AD 1190 and 1290. In the 19th century, Hawaiian scholars Kamakau and Kepelino attributed the discovery of Hawai‘i to a fisherman named

Hawaiian History: the Land, the People, Today’s Culture

Hawaiian Land: The gorgeous islands of Hawaii were once a hot bed of volcanic explosions and deadly, underwater shifts in the Earth. Each island is made up of at least one primary volcano, [which] were produced by the Hawaiian hot spot… presently under the Big Island of Hawaii. …The Pacific Ocean is mostly floored by a single tectonic plate

Community Voices: Fan Snapshots

Our fantastic fans have helped captured some of the best screenshots of the season from our live cams. This Turtle Bay West snapshot was taken by explore.org fan Kathy Higgins. We’re featuring the best of our fan’s snapshots on our Facebook page – click here to see more rare captures from our fans!