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This Is What Serene Looks Like

The waters were rough around Hawaii’s North Shore in Oahu, but it looks like things in this area are back to normal. Of course normal in Pipeline can be quite harrowing! 

The average waves here are 9 feet, and got a little messier last week. Hawaii has recovered from the hurricanes/tropical storms that recently hit; the first ones in 22 years and left thousands without power or water after the storm.

Did You Know? Most measure wave height from the face of the wave, from crest to trough. But Hawaiians are famous for measuring the back side of a wave, which results in a shorter height. So that 9 feet at Pipeline… yeah, even taller! 

Tune into the Live Pipeline Cam to catch some waves or the Turtle Bay cam for fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Happy serene Sunday.

(Thanks to Copaz-NJ for the snapshot!)