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What’s Denver Holt Got for You?!

On a very cold and misty Friday morning (last week, July 18th), Denver Holt of the Owl Research Institute and his research assistant ventured across the Arctic Tundra. (Denver can be seen above holding a brown lemming – keep reading!) Arriving at the Snowy Owl nest site, which we have been watching in wonder for

Viewers’ Catch a Ghost

These are just a few of the great snapshots from the Snowy Owl (AKA Tundra Ghost) Live Cam. And the more the better because we need you here! Since researchers still do know all the Snowy Owl behaviors that happen around the clock, viewers and scientists alike can help unravel these mysteries by submitting snapshots and commenting

Fast Facts on the Snowy Owl

From Jess at the Owl Research Institute, an update and quick guide to what you’re watching on the Snowy Owl Sneak Peek – now LIVE!: There are currently six chicks alive in the nest – one has died/disappeared. The chicks range in age from 6/7 days at the youngest to 2 weeks for the oldest. The

New Live Cam: Snowy Owl Nest

Referred to as the “Arctic Ghost” for its wintery looks and rare sightings, you can now get intimate views of the Snowy Owl from our new Live Cam! For the first time ever, the much revered and supremely elusive  Snowy Owl is now accessible to any bird watcher. The cam is currently installed on a nesting

Meet the LEOW Chicks!

It looks like we have four new chicks on Missoula, Montana’s Long Eared Owl nest! They were first discovered May 28 at 6:10am. An average nest yields 4-5 chicks. The female will continue to incubate the eggs and protect her young while the male hunts for prey, mostly small mammals and the occasional bird. The young will

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