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Ask Owl Expert Denver Holt!

Founder and President of Owl Research Institute and host of explore’s Great Horned and Long-eared Owl Cams, Denver Holt chats with us live today, April 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET on the Long-eared Owl Cam. It’s your chance to ask an owl expert!

Long Eared Owls are back and closer than ever!

The Long Eared Owl Cam is back live after last year’s successful nest and fledge. This season opens with a rich, clear camera angle and an owl sitting on at least two eggs!

The LEOwlets Grown Up

The Long-eared Owlets are almost as big as mom! These Owlets were found around May 28th and likely hatched a few days prior. They are approximately 2 weeks old now. In the coming two weeks they’ll be hopping on branches and testing their wings. The chicks will change their white of the natal or first down

Meet the LEOW Chicks!

It looks like we have four new chicks on Missoula, Montana’s Long Eared Owl nest! They were first discovered May 28 at 6:10am. An average nest yields 4-5 chicks. The female will continue to incubate the eggs and protect her young while the male hunts for prey, mostly small mammals and the occasional bird. The young will