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Fast Facts on the Snowy Owl

From Jess at the Owl Research Institute, an update and quick guide to what you’re watching on the Snowy Owl Sneak Peek – now LIVE!:

There are currently six chicks alive in the nest – one has died/disappeared. The chicks range in age from 6/7 days at the youngest to 2 weeks for the oldest. The chicks appeared to be hungry – food begging in the nest. Denver mentioned that there aren’t as many lemmings around as he would expect in such a big nesting year. The male Snowy is present and has been providing food and protection against predators.

As part of our Snowy owl breeding ecology study (now in it’s 22nd year), Denver will be checking this nest (and about 20 others) every few days to check on progress. You, the viewers, can help in our research by providing your observations below. We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner. 🙂 Happy owling!

(Thanks to meryl for the great snapshot!)