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New Live Cam! New Nest! New Ospreys!

Exciting news from Owl Research Institute and explore – we’ve just launched the all-new Charlo Montana Osprey Cam, currently featuring a pair of mated ospreys and their eggs! Situated against a gorgeous backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the nest is here for you for you to watch live 24/7! The cam is located in the same

See who’s new on the Great Horned Owl Cam!

Last year’s Great Horned Owl Cam was a nest full of drama as the tiny owlet jumped from the tree and wandered lost through a field tall grass before Owl Research Institute head Denver Holt made a daring rescue. Owl’s well that ends well and the chick successfully fledged a few days later. Now the

Long Eared Owls are back and closer than ever!

The Long Eared Owl Cam is back live after last year’s successful nest and fledge. This season opens with a rich, clear camera angle and an owl sitting on at least two eggs!

Bison and Other Endangered Animals Return to Native Lands

The New York Times reported this week on the return of bison and other endangered wildlife to pristine land. The Native Americans from these midwest regions have maintained the grasslands, unplowed and natural – a rarity across the rest of the American landscape. Now the tribal land is being further restored by returning its native wildlife:

And Then There Were Two

Today, there’s just one! Our Long-eared Owlets have reached that time in the season for heading out on their own into the great wide open. It only takes a month for the LEOwlets to take flight. Long-eared owls will head as far south as New Mexico in winter and enjoy cooler climates in the summer,

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