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The osprey pair on their Charlo, Montana nest

New Live Cam! New Nest! New Ospreys!

Exciting news from Owl Research Institute and explore – we’ve just launched the all-new Charlo Montana Osprey Cam, currently featuring a pair of mated ospreys and their eggs! Situated against a gorgeous backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the nest is here for you for you to watch live 24/7! The cam is located in the same area as the Great Horned Owl Nest.

The couple arrived in Charlo on April 12th, and quickly got to nest prep, bringing in sticks and picking up dirt from the freshly turned field next door. After a short courtship, they’ve begun to mate, they now have what appears to be three eggs. They’ll take turns incubating them until they hatch, raising their chicks on a diet of freshly-caught fish until the little ones are old enough to fly and fish on their own.

It’s an all-new family to fall in love with! Come visit the Charlo Montana Osprey Nest and welcome this osprey pair to explore!

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EXPLORE The Complete – Charlo Montana Osprey Live Camera Experience