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The osprey pair on their Charlo, Montana nest

The osprey pair on their Charlo, Montana nest

New Live Cam! New Nest! New Ospreys!

Exciting news from Owl Research Institute and explore – we’ve just launched the all-new Charlo Montana Osprey Cam, currently featuring a pair of mated ospreys and their eggs! Situated against a gorgeous backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the nest is here for you for you to watch live 24/7! The cam is located in the same area as the Great Horned Owl Nest.

The couple arrived in Charlo on April 12th, and quickly got to nest prep, bringing in sticks and picking up dirt from the freshly turned field next door. After a short courtship, they’ve begun to mate, they now have what appears to be three eggs. They’ll take turns incubating them until they hatch, raising their chicks on a diet of freshly-caught fish until the little ones are old enough to fly and fish on their own.

It’s an all-new family to fall in love with! Come visit the Charlo Montana Osprey Nest and welcome this osprey pair to explore!

Check out our explore blog to learn about these raptors. Sign up for Osprey Text Alerts to get real-time news from the nest. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the best highlights and announcements.

EXPLORE The Complete – Charlo Montana Osprey Live Camera Experience

  • wtldat

    Thank you for this blog post. I love to watch the osprey’s from Maine (Rachel and Steve) and have been following them for a couple of years. Now I will enjoy following our Montana ospreys too! Which leads to the next question, do we have any names for this lovely pair?

    • DebMV63Seattle

      Charlotte and Charlie.

  • Pat Bullers

    Another nest to watch! I also watch the one in Maine and found 2 sites in Europe. One is in Wales and the other in Estonia. Ospreys everywhere!!

    • Paul Smith

      do you hv the link for them both please thanks

      • Pat Bullers

        Hi Paul. Try glaz.tv. The only problem is the time difference. I am in PA so eastern time here. Wales is 5 hours ahead and Estonia is 7 hours ahead. Hope it works for you.

  • Billy Talbot

    Here’s a good one in Orange Beach, Alabama with 3 – 2 week old chicks… Enjoy


    • Pat Bullers

      Thanks for posting another nest!

  • Pat Bullers

    Nest parent is very vocal this morning! Other one is sitting on the pole having breakfast.

  • Billy Talbot

    Hogan, British Columbia… Beautiful backdrop… Cam is sometimes temperamental. Make sure Adobe flash player is updated.


    • Pat Bullers

      And another beautiful scene! Thanks Billy!

  • Gene Natale

    Soaking in all God’s beauty: sky, land (mountains, open land) and, of course the beautiful Osprey! I could never see any of these wonders in person. I am so amazed and grateful for all of this. Thank you all!

  • Pat Bullers

    Love the blue sky, snow on the mountain tops, the geese walking across the plowed field on the right, and of course the handsome osprey couple.

  • Gene Natale

    The sound of the microphone is so fantastic here, I can hear and see the beak chipping away at a thin piece of bark maybe? AWESOME!!!

  • Gene Natale

    6.8.16 4:06 pm EDT

    Soo many eyes are on the osprey pair in Bremen, Maine and rightly so. Way too much excitement going on there!!! Very windy there. Had to check back in on this beautiful pair too, as I know there are 3 eggs and before you know it, we’ll be getting a little pip here and a little pip there!! Another perfectly beautiful day, with the sky and backdrop of the beautiful mountains and farmlands. God’s country! I hope I get a text alert.

  • Pat Bullers

    So funny! Dad was on the pole with a fish and Mom is just a squawking at him so he brings the fish to the nest. Mom gets up off the eggs and tries to grab the fish. Dad’s claw is stuck but she finally gets it and flies away!

  • Riv

    6/26/16 21:00 I haven’t seen the male around at all in the past 6 hours. The female has been very vocal on the nest and finally went to fish twice, leaving the chicks on their own. Both times, she returned with a catfish, and fed the chicks first, then herself. She continues to call, and seems agitated. She has finally settled in on the nest and stopped calling.

  • Riv

    6/26 The male returned to the pole at 21:50

  • Jillbru

    All 3 chicks are trying to shade under mom, ha, they are a bit large. I don’t see dad anywhere, but the kids look nice and plump, healthy & well fed.

  • Jillbru

    Dad brought in a fish, and after eating on it on the pole (and ignoring mom calling for it incessantly) finally flew down with the remains. Mom’s feeding herself & the kids now, Dad is putzing around on the nest. I couldn’t tell how large the fish was but I don’t think much was left after he had his fill. Tut!

  • DebMV63Seattle

    Sad that the smallest osprey chick passed. I suppose it’s nature’s way but hard to watch it slowly weaken over the past couple of weeks.

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