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Ask Owl Expert Denver Holt!

Founder and President of Owl Research Institute and host of explore’s Great Horned and Long-eared Owl Cams, Denver Holt chats with us live today, April 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET on the Long-eared Owl Cam. It’s your chance to ask an owl expert!

See who’s new on the Great Horned Owl Cam!

Last year’s Great Horned Owl Cam was a nest full of drama as the tiny owlet jumped from the tree and wandered lost through a field tall grass before Owl Research Institute head Denver Holt made a daring rescue. Owl’s well that ends well and the chick successfully fledged a few days later. Now the

Where’s Waldo?! Flown the Coop!

Our Great Horned Owl mom and owlet, Waldo, have seemed to fledge and flown the coop for the summer. Here’s an update from our partners at the Owl Research Institute: Hi all, thanks for patiently waiting for an update. After searching the area this morning, Matt was not able to locate Mom or Waldo. He

Great Horned Owl Acrobatics

Our little Owlet is getting strong and testing his/her wings on short flights! Check out this great 1 minute video that Polo7422 captured of a test flight. Things get a bit hairy for a few seconds and require some magnificient acrobatics, but the GHO Owlet figures it out! At 7 weeks owlets are capable of short flights though