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Snowy Owl Live Chat!

Denver Holt and his team from Owl Research Institute are up in Alaska monitoring snowy owls in their nests and they’re reporting a good breeding season so far with adorable chicks currently hatching.

Long-Eared Owl Live Chat (1/30)

Calling all owl lovers! We’ve got a special live chat with Owl Research Institute on January 30th at 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ET! ORI will spend some talking about the roost cam and why having it is especially important to researchers as well as the general public. Not only does this cam give researchers

Adorable owlet rips apart rodent

Sometimes the cutest owl chicks do less-than-adorable (but still fascinating) things. Check out this video of what looks like the Great Horned Owl chick ripping apart a rodent. Experts from the Owl Research Institute informs us further:

Long Eared Owls are back and closer than ever!

The Long Eared Owl Cam is back live after last year’s successful nest and fledge. This season opens with a rich, clear camera angle and an owl sitting on at least two eggs!

My What Long Ears You Have!

Our Long-eared Owl mom is vigilant to nest duties. Her long ears, so visible in this great snapshot from Samantha Eye, are perked and listening out! Below is an update from Jess at the Owl Research Institute on this year’s nest: I want to fill you in on a few details about this nest. This