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two bison in the grasslands

Bison vs. Prairie Dogs: Surviving Winter

It’s a little early still to be worrying about any of the winter holidays, but the bison in Grasslands National Park are turning heads with thoughts of cooler weather to come. For their prairie dog co-habitators, it’s a completely different tactic to surviving the chilly winds. 

bison grazing

The Bison Are Beefing Up

Viewers have been noticing the thicker coats of the bison on our Live Cam lately. An expert from Grasslands National Park, where the bison roam, has an explanation.

Bison and Other Endangered Animals Return to Native Lands

The New York Times reported this week on the return of bison and other endangered wildlife to pristine land. The Native Americans from these midwest regions have maintained the grasslands, unplowed and natural – a rarity across the rest of the American landscape. Now the tribal land is being further restored by returning its native wildlife:

Bison and Prairie Dogs in the Rain

It’s been lovely if not a little wet on the Bison Live Cams, and it will continue to be rainy and chilly in Grasslands National Park this weekend. The bison, with their thick coats, do not seem to mind. The prairie dogs however, build to prepare. 

A Hairy Snapshot from HunterBadon

The bison in Grasslands National Park are in the midst of their peak mating season. A young bull will reach sexual maturity within about six years, a young cow, within two to three years. At one-year-old, a bison calf can weigh as much as 400 lbs. Cool Fact: In Grasslands National Park, there are over 12,000 ancient