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Where Are the Tiny Baby Belugas Being Born?

A third install from Matt Villano looks at the mysterious origins of baby belugas. Scientists suspect that many are being born right in the Hudson Bay estuary where we stream the Beluga Whale Live Cam.

Discover the Natural Skin Care Remedies of Belugas

When a BBC Frozen Planet film crew set up a tower to film beluga whales in Arctic waters, they didn’t expect to infringe on their beauty regiments.

Five Best Beluga Cam Snapshots of the Week

Check out this week’s most fabulous snapshots from our Live Cams. Thanks to our fabulous viewers – you guys are the best! Today’s collection is from our Beluga Live Cams with special additions from the new Boat and Underwater Cams! Baby Beluga Underwater, from Cloud Sunrise Over Churchill (series), from Cloud Beluga Boat Bump, JoeExplore Boat View,

A Message from Charlie – Beluga Cams

Every year after the ice breaks up on the Hudson Bay, thousands of beluga whales migrate to the warmer waters of the Churchill River to feed, mate and rear their young. We’re excited to say, on our newest Pearl of the Planet HD live cam, you can watch these curious creatures up close and in the wild.

Quite The Twist

Fast Fact: Unlike most other whales, the beluga has a flexible neck that enables it to turn its head in all directions. (NatGeo) Catch them at the Vancouver Aquarium and see if you can spot them in the wild on the live cams!