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Mammal Mothers Respond to Cries from Mammal Babies

Researchers recently discovered a curious phenomenon. Mammal moms respond to cries of other baby animals, so long as they’re also mammals. Scientific American reported on the findings of Susan Lingle (University of Winnipeg) and Tobias Riede (Midwestern University), who spent two summers testing deer in Canada.

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Thanksgiving Feasts for American Beasts

On Thanksgiving, families across the U.S. will sit down for holiday staples like turkey and stuff, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. In the forests and deserts, though, native wildlife populations will be hunting and gathering far different meals. Check out feasts for bears, deer, wolves and other All-American creatures.

Everybody should have their own dik-dik!

From our partners at Zooborns, an unusual landscape for a lovable dik-dik (above)! A dik-dik is actually a small antelope. They live throughout central and subsaharan Africa and are just 12–16 inches tall and weigh 7-16 lbs. Because of their small size, they are hunted by everything from lions to monitor lizards. However, they have excellent eyesight and

Fan Shots of Live Cams: Bison and Prairie Dogs

Thanks to explore.org fan K and B for this sunset capture of a deer on the Bison Cam this past fall. Pronghorn antelope, mule deer and white-tailed deer are common in Grasslands National Park. The gestation period for bison is 270-285 days, or a little over 9 months. The female bison who will breed this spring are