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Mpala’s Impala

Impalas are among the most successful animals in the savannah. Their numbers tell a story of resilience and survival. For every mature Grevy’s zebra or reticulated giraffe in the grassland, savanna or shrubland, there are at least 2000 impalas. Although a popular menu item for most carnivores, they still thrive and grace the plateau with

Spotlight on Big Cats

In a few days, nations around the globe celebrate World Wildlife Day under the theme “Big Cats: Predators Under Threat”. Here at Mpala, the home of African Wildlife on Explore.org, this important event will shine a spotlight on our mission to protect wildlife and their habitat using Science, Education and Conservation. Scientists are finding new ways to

The 5 Best Photos Of The Week From African Animal Lookout

There is a lot of activity going on at the African Animal Lookout. Take a look to see what animals you can spot on the live cam! Here are five of the best from the week, captured by our viewers! (cover photo captured by member uclamom)

Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Most Common Visitors

This summer we launched our Africa Wildlife Cams in partnership with Mpala Research Centre in Lakipia, Central Kenya. The Cams are located in a section of the Ewaso Ng’iro River teeming with wildlife where more than 20 species have already shown up on the cams. We thought you should meet some of our African stars!

Five Best African Wildlife Cams Snapshots of the Week

Check out the five best African River Wildlife Live Cam snapshots from our viewers this week! We have beautiful vistas, elephants, long-neck giraffes – – no unicorns this time, but a rare leopard sighting! Thank you! Giraffe Tree Top Snack, from joelm Impala Herd, from zdewas Dik-diks, from designcbt Leopard Spotting, from Suefish Hippos & Elephants, from Janet,Bensalem,PA Amazing job guys!

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