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Monkeying Around

Baboons, monkeys, chimpanzees… meet the primates of the African Wildlife Cams. In this short video, see the “best of” primate highlights collected from our Live Cams.

Kudus at the Hippo Pool

These beautiful kudus on the African Wildlife Cams have a big gender disparity. Val from Mpala explains more about these majestic antelope:

Dirge for 75,000 Elephants

This poem was submitted by Explore.org viewer, Catherine Garland. It’s a somber look at the ivory trade threatening the lasts elephant herds on Earth.

World Elephant Day: Join the Live Chat at 9 AM/Noon!

Celebrate World Elephant Day by joining the Live Chat with elephant conservation and ivory trade expert, Simon Hedges, on the African Watering Hole Live Cam today, 8/12/14. The chat beings at 9 AM PST/Noon EST and you can join the conversation here!

This is What Friends Are For

These Vervet Monkeys are just doing a little weekend cleaning. You vacuum and grocery shop, they nit-pick… literally! Grooming is an important part of hygiene and hierarchy for Vervet Monkeys. It helps remove unwanted bugs and dirt, and the most dominant will receive the most grooming. Amazing Fact: Vervet monkeys have a sophisticated and diverse communication system,

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