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Communication is critical between service dogs and partners

Having pluperfect manners is critical for any service dog. As is being properly dressed for the occasion.

Certified Service Dog and Portable Handrail

Meet Sienna. She’s the Great Dane working with her partner to get her down the steps. Sienna’s being very careful to do as she was taught, to stay one step behind her partner so she can balance.

A Wonderful Lesson In Service Dogging

Bella is an 11-year old living with Morquio Syndrome, and George is her Great Dane service dog provided by Service Dog Project. This post is written by Bella’s mom Rachael. We’d never considered a service dog for Bella before seeing a mobility dog in action. It was a long year of us driving to Service

Perry is the perfect pet and a fabulous failure

Perry the Great Dane is a wonderful dog with a super personality. He could not be better. Why did we decide he was a fabulous failure? Because he paces – he does not trot.

Walking Tall, Thanks to Service Dog Project

When Annette came to Service Dog Project she was walking bent at about a 45 degree angle, hanging onto a metal walker. Stepping up a few stairs was a formal project; climbing a hill was totally out of the question.

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