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Long-eared owl mom and her fluffy chicks.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate mothers for their never-ending dedication to their families, for giving life and unconditional love to their children. Explore is home to many devoted mothers to spend the day with!

The Long-eared and Great Horned Owls both have nests full of fluffy chicks. Rachel the Osprey is devoted to protecting her three precious eggs atop their perch on Hog Island. Over at Kitten Rescue, a new mom nurses her bundles of joy, and Scarlet’s Great Dane pups are getting so big. Penguin mom Whatever sits upon her egg at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and little Rosie Hummingbird feeds her chicks nectar beak-to-beak.

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day? Email us a snapshot of your favorite live cam mom and we may share it on our blog!