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“I’m possible doing the impossible”

Two Dogs For Two Girls

By Carlene White, founder of Service Dog Project. No, that’s not a mirror. It’s Bella and George in red with Finn and Eve in blue. They’re enjoying the mall – out of wheelchairs, on their feet walking all alone… almost.

Lee Morris and Daisy

A Week in the Life of a Service Dog Project Volunteer

By Lee Morris, explore.org volunteer camera-operator Well, I did it!  I finally made it to Service Dog Project to volunteer. I’m an SDP cam op and I’ve been following their cams since they went live in 2012.

"May I have this dance?" George and Bella

Communication is critical between service dogs and partners

Having pluperfect manners is critical for any service dog. As is being properly dressed for the occasion.

The gallop

It’s easy to mistake a Great Dane for a horse

Some definitions of the gallop might describe all four feet off the ground at once, which can happen; so does one foot at a time.

Sienna guides her partner down stairs.

Certified Service Dog and Portable Handrail

Meet Sienna. She’s the Great Dane working with her partner to get her down the steps. Sienna’s being very careful to do as she was taught, to stay one step behind her partner so she can balance.

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