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Daily Dose of Love: Root Bear Float

We All Float On! The best kind of treat after a long hot day is a casual float in Brooks Falls. One, two, three backstrokes into relaxation. This bear knew that even after a long day of fishing that it is important to sit back, relax, and enjoy the jacuzzi! Make sure to tune in every day

Talk About Well Adapted

Unlike most birds, loons have solid bones that make them less buoyant and better at diving. They can quickly blow air out of their lungs and flatten their feathers to expel air within their plumage, so they can dive quickly and swim fast underwater. Once below the surface, the loon’s heart slows down to conserve

Rafting On The Water

Rafting just beyond the breakers of Project Puffin’s Eastern Egg Rock, this group of Atlantic puffins keeps their cool in the hot Maine summer sun by staying out on the water. Photo Courtesy of Stella Walsh


At least, that is what the locals call Surf Scoters up here in Maine. With their distinctive black and white heads, these salt-water ducks are a common sight. In fall, they are found in greater numbers, as they tend to float together in “rafts” along the coast.