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All Dolled Up!

So why are penguins black and white? This adaptation is a kind of camouflaging called counter-shading, which makes it harder for both their predators and their prey to see them. When penguins are in the water, their white chests camouflage them from being seen from below against the lighter sky. From above, their black backs

Puffin Vogue

Puffin Vogue – Strike a Pose! In the glaring light of the sun the forms of these puffins are perfectly etched against the reflective water on the edge of Seal Island. Photo Courtesy of Alex Guyton Seal Island

Cruickshank’s Photography

An example of the photography of Allan Cruickshank, one of the first instructors at the Hog Island Audubon Camp. Photo Courtesy Of: The Friends of Hog Island’s Photostream on Flickr


At least, that is what the locals call Surf Scoters up here in Maine. With their distinctive black and white heads, these salt-water ducks are a common sight. In fall, they are found in greater numbers, as they tend to float together in “rafts” along the coast.