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Project Puffin: News from Pond Island

Two pairs of common eiders as seen through a researchers scope. Eiders are commonly known as “sea-ducks” and are found in the northern hemisphere from the New England coast to Alaska and even northern Russia.

Eiders Fishing

Learning the ropes of fishing. Photo courtesy of: Olivia DaRugna Stratton Island, ME

Awkward Diving Duck: Barrows Goldeneye

Like the Common Goldeneye, the Barrow’s Goldeneye is not too particular about holding on to its own offspring. A female may lay eggs in the nest of another goldeneye or other species of cavity-nesting duck. Once the ducklings come out of the nest, the broods of different females often come together and are taken care


At least, that is what the locals call Surf Scoters up here in Maine. With their distinctive black and white heads, these salt-water ducks are a common sight. In fall, they are found in greater numbers, as they tend to float together in “rafts” along the coast.

Casual Duck Day

Stratton Island Supervisors Emily and John observe Casual Duck Day with a pair of bemused eiders. Once a year on Stratton, a group of volunteers conducts an eider census of the island. Walking in a spread out line, the group cuts across the island, marking the edge of their survey with flags. Wading through the

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