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Daily Dose Of Love: Dose Of Ducks!

Feathered Friends Swimming Serenely As the day comes to a close in Grasslands National Park, and the herds of woolly bison have roamed away from their favorite watering hole, these ducks get their chance for a sunset splash. Rick | explore.org


At least, that is what the locals call Surf Scoters up here in Maine. With their distinctive black and white heads, these salt-water ducks are a common sight. In fall, they are found in greater numbers, as they tend to float together in “rafts” along the coast.

Casual Duck Day

Stratton Island Supervisors Emily and John observe Casual Duck Day with a pair of bemused eiders. Once a year on Stratton, a group of volunteers conducts an eider census of the island. Walking in a spread out line, the group cuts across the island, marking the edge of their survey with flags. Wading through the