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Daily Dose of Love: Lazy Lioness!

Lay on down with Nikita! It’s been a long week, huh? We know, and we feel the same! Sometimes we watch the live cams and go, wouldn’t THAT be nice. This week we caught Lioness Nikita spending her day lounging which has made everyone here at explore.org very jealous. With the cool Florida breeze and a soft patch

Daily Dose Of Love: Meet Cooper The Bobcat!

Streeeeeeeeetch! Meet Cooper. His is a sad story but we’re hoping for a happy ending. He’s a young bobcat who was recently found without his mother, emaciated and covered with fleas. The woman who discovered him named him Cooper because he was hunting in her chicken coop! Big Cat Rescue will care for him until he’s

Daily Dose Of Love: Seth The Tiger Is My Spirit Animal

How I Too Spend My Friday Nights Long week? Not to worry, Friday’s here and with it a chance to rest and relax. Get comfy in your own space, like Seth the tiger at his lake side home at Big Cat Rescue! Have a great weekend, explorers! Rick | explore.org

Big Cat Rescue Plans for Hurricane Irma

As many of you know, Hurricane Irma is set to hit Florida in the next day or so. With a category five storm heading their way, many viewers have voiced concern regarding the safety of Big Cat Rescue and how they plan to keep all their big cats, and themselves, safe during this time. Thankfully,

This Week on Explore (6/23)

DN5 has fledged! Although we will miss watching them every day, we are so excited for what this new adventure will bring! TJ the Tiger from Big Cat Rescue has sadly passed away. We will miss him greatly.  Rachel and Steve’s chicks have been named! Please meet Aspen, Sierra, and Bailey! BEAR CAM IS LIVE! We

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