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Daily Dose Of Love: Brown Bears Take It Outside

Bears Got Beef Over Salmon Last week we talked a little about sparring between bear cubs. One reason young bears playfight is to prepare them for big league brawls like this. Adult bears fight primarily for the best fishing spots and access to other resources. Bears are armed with tremendous strength, large claws, and teeth and

Daily Dose of Love: Bulking Bears

Salmon Coma This bear may be yawning on the job, but catching and eating over 30 salmon per day can be exhausting. That Fat Bear Championship gets pretty competitive. Thanks to CamOp BillB for capturing this great Bear Cam moment. Courtney | explore.org

Daily Dose of Love: Bear Cub Salmon Thief!

The Lil’est Salmon Snatcher! “I’ll just take this! K, thnx mom byyyyye!” This is our favorite bear cam moment of the week, when mama bear shared a salmon with her roly poly cub – only for the little one to make off with most of it! Om nom nom. Make sure to tune into our Brown

Daily Dose of Love: How To Fish Brooks Falls

How Brown Bears Fish The Falls The Falls on Brooks River are a physical barrier to the countless salmon trying to swim upstream to spawn each summer. So if you’re a hungry bear, you should gather there to catch lunch (and breakfast. And dinner.) The sheer number of jumpers might confuse you so try to

Bear Story: Ratna Narayan

“This is my story. I am Grazer’s cub, the lil one, you know me as Peanut! Today was a very exciting day for me. I caught my first salmon in the Riffles. My mom Grazer caught a salmon and was eating it on a rock in the Riffles all by herself! I was so hungry,

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