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Tomorrow with Mike Fitz: Death in Nature

Many of explore.org’s most popular cameras show unfiltered views of wildlife. As wild beings, animals often demonstrate resiliency in the face of hardship, but they sometimes encounter challenges they cannot overcome. Some of the most powerful and moving live cam moments are associated with death. Join me tomorrow, March 20, at 1 p.m. Pacific (4

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Living With Bears in Churchill

By: Mike Fitz When I arrived in Churchill, Manitoba, it was immediately apparent that polar bears were to be taken seriously. Guidelines emphasized not walking alone and especially not after 10 p.m. Nearly every place of business posted signs with the phone number of Polar Bear Alert, the town and province’s program to monitor and,

blog 132 and remaining cub

2018’s Top 10 Bearcam Moments

By: Mike Fitz Earlier this month, I shared my favorite bearcam moments, but now the people have spoken! Bearcam viewers have chosen the top ten bearcam moments of 2018. Each moment is unique and significant for a different reason. Bear 410 Arrives In late June, bear 410 arrived at the river then abruptly departed after

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Mike Fitz’s Next Stop: Polar Bears

Through the generosity of explore.org, I’m pleased to announce I will embark on a journey to a land of white bears and glowing night skies. In Churchill, Manitoba, explore.org partners with Polar Bears International, Wapusk National Park of Canada, and the Churchill Northern Studies Centre to provide webcams featuring polar bears and northern lights. While

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Evidence of Rapid Change in Katmai

By: Mike Fitz East of Brooks Camp, beyond the view of the bear cams and through the fingers of a breached glacial moraine, are the largest tributaries of Naknek Lake. There, the Ukak and Savonoski Rivers spill across a broad, 1.5-mile wide delta. In a landscape often defined by change, this is one of the

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