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An Exceptional August at Brooks River

By Mike Fitz During a lull in the bear activity in late July at Brooks River, I wrote a blog post explaining the typical pattern of bears at the river. In it, I hinted that most bears will soon disperse from Brooks River and we shouldn’t expect to see many bears until September. The bears

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Brooks Falls Trail

By Mike Fitz As soon as you arrive at Brooks Camp, you enter a landscape teeming with brown bears. After attending a mandatory bear safety talk, most people hustle to their true destination, Brooks Falls. The experience of watching bears at the falls is only part of the Brooks Camp adventure, however. Simply walking to

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Bearcam Line of Sight

By Mike Fitz Brown bears, salmon, and Katmai National Park’s beautiful scenery are the main highlights of the bearcams, but where are the bearcams and where, specifically, do they look? Brooks River is located in the center of Katmai National Park and about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The river, only 1.5 miles long,

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Bear 451 and her yearlings

By Mike Fitz Raising brown bear cubs is a difficult and challenging task. Cubs demand constant attention and their hunger is nearly insatiable. Mortality rates for cubs are often high too, as cubs can drown, die from illness, or be killed by another bear. Cubs in their second year, called yearlings, are larger, stronger, more

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Salmon on the underwater bearcam

By Mike Fitz Salmon, as the keystone of Katmai’s ecosystem, are a focus for attention by people and bears alike. Many salmon can be seen swimming in front of the underwater bearcam, and several questions regarding them have been submitted through the Bearcam Question form. Retiredteacher asks, “The fish look pretty lethargic today (July 23) on

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