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Bella Hummingbird Hatch Watch Starts Today!

Bella Hummingbird joined explore with two little white eggs as small as jelly beans. Since it’s been 15 days since the second egg was laid, we’re keeping an eye on the nest for the two chicks to hatch, breaking out using a little hook on their beaks. When they do, the chicks will be dark,

June 3rd at 9:50PM EST

The second chick hatched! Rachel and Steve now have two mouths to feed with a third one on the way. There has been no sign of 3rd pip yet, which means the third hatching may be a few more days. Until then, there are two beautiful chicks adjusting to life out of a shell to

June 2nd, 2:44AM

The first chick has hatched! After a long 15 hour process, the chick went from a pip in the shell to completely cracking it in two. It came out looking healthy and tired, like many of us who stayed up to watch this beautiful event occur. The sex of the chick will not be known

I Spy…A Pip!

A pip has been spotted! This morning on June 2nd, one of the camera operators captured this picture of the pip in spectacular detail. Upon closer examination of the pip we have confirmed this is a ‚Äústar.” Within the next few hours, or possibly over the course of the day, there will be a new

My, What Big Feet You Have!

My, What Big Feet You Have, Rachel!-SC Tune in during mid-June to see these eggs hatch! http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam