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Puffin Live Chat with Steve Kress (8/31)

Hi Puffineers! As we get closer to puffin chick Grace’s fledge date we’re joined by Project Puffin Founder and Director Dr. Steve Kress to discuss this season in the Puffin Burrow!

Live Chat with Dr. Stephen Kress of Project Puffin

If you happened to miss it, here is the recent live Q&A with Dr. Steve Kress, as found posted on explore.org. http://explore.org/#!/videos/player/qa-with-dr-steve-kress Enjoy!

Learn More About Puffin Chicks And Puffin Behavior!

Tune in for a live chat with Dr. Stephen W. Kress on Tuesday July 9, 1:30-2:30 PM, Eastern Time. Just go to explore.org’s Puffin Burrow Cam and participate by typing questions under the comments section. Dr. Kress is the founder and Director of Audubon’s Project Puffin and Director of the Hog Island Audubon Camp in

Happy Independence Day from Project Puffin!

Hope Hatches! In a rock crevice at Seal Island NWR, 18 miles to sea from Rockland, Maine,  a pair of puffins have nested together for many years.  Last year their attempt to raise a chick ended when puffin chick ‘Petey’ starved because the parents could only find over-sized butterfish that were too large for it

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