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We’re Cracking Up On the Osprey Cam!

Pip Pip Hooray! Rachel’s first laid egg has pipped – the Hog Island osprey chick utilizing the “egg tooth” on its beak to crack the shell into a small star-shaped hole.

Some things to know about this emerging brood: Nestling Ospreys have orange irises, in contrast to the lemon yellow irises of adults. A brood of three Osprey chicks requires up to six pounds of fish each day. Osprey eggs do not hatch all at once. Rather, the first chick emerges up to five days before the last one. This arrangement favors the first hatched chicks which permits them to thrive in years of poor food supplies.

Watch live here to see the young one emerge within 24 hours!

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  1. Eaglenut1

    June 4 2014, 11:42 am Rachel comes up off her chick and eggs and aerates the nestbowl