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Bella feeds her hummingbird chicks for the first time (video)

Bella and her two chicks shared a special moment when the hummingbird mama fed her hatchlings for the very first time. Amazingly, we can share the moment with you in video captured on our new live cam.

Congratulations Rachel and Steve!

Our first Osprey chick has broken out of its shell to greet mom and dad in the nest! Read this note and update from Charlie below: You’ve followed the love story of Rachel and Steve, Hog Island Maine’s resident ospreys, joining them in a springtime reunion after a winter spent apart, celebrating as they turned a nest

We’re Cracking Up On the Osprey Cam!

Pip Pip Hooray! Rachel’s first laid egg has pipped – the Hog Island osprey chick utilizing the “egg tooth” on its beak to crack the shell into a small star-shaped hole. Some things to know about this emerging brood: Nestling Ospreys have orange irises, in contrast to the lemon yellow irises of adults. A brood of