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Daily Dose Of Love: Elephant Itch Relief!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Scratch That Itch Explore recently traveled to Tanzania on a fact-finding mission. What we found was an itchy, itchy elephant. Ever-resourceful animals, this guy wriggles his rear-end for some sweet relief. You know what they say, scratch like no one’s watching! Rick | explore.org  

Sometimes, You Have To Scratch That Itch

Get your animal fix by checking out all of our live cams at explore.org. See a couple of our newest cams at Penguin Beach and the Bison Watering Hole.

I’ve Got An Itch!

Watch those talons! Learning how to maneuver those sharp appendages is not always the easiest. Right now the Hog Island osprey chicks should be in the mid-migration. Based on their flyway, thousands of raptors funnel over the spine of Cuba in the fall. Our three osprey chicks: Sky, Ollie, Sibley very well could be closing