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Otis waits for salmon / pic by Ranger Jeanne Roy

Otis waits for salmon / pic by Ranger Jeanne Roy

Bear Cam Contest: When Will We See Otis?

UPDATE: Otis returned to Brooks Falls on June 30th, and our closest-guessing entry has been notified. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Patience is a virtue, and Bearcam fan favorite Otis knows that better than anyone – he’ll sit in the Brooks Falls Jacuzzi for hours on end until he’s full of fish. Now, you’ll need his patience as we wait for him to show up in the river.

In the meantime, we’ll make things interesting with a “guess-when” contest! Simply predict when Otis will show up on the Brooks Falls Cam by date and post your guess in the comments of this blog. If you’re right, you’ll win a prize! Good luck.

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  • Tammy

    I’m predicting 7-9-16 this year

  • http://www.maddenenterprises.net/ Maddog

    July 4th, 7:45 PM AK time

  • Skip32

    July 6th

  • Baby peas

    July 8th

  • mhbearluv


  • GABear

    July 5th, Noon, AKDT

  • jstducky

    July 5th

  • Chippers Mom AK

    July 17th

  • Larinor

    July 5th

  • Julia

    July 7 th, late afternoon AKDT * bearsneagles*

  • Stacey

    July 10, 10 pm eastern

  • Jen

    July 9th, 6:30 PM (Alaska time)

  • Smokefancj

    July 3rd, afternoon

  • kirsti

    July 7. If time is needed also, then 3pm Alaska time

  • jaz

    Otis will be back by July 10th…he’s packing his bags.

  • mosaic_world

    July 8th (and none too soon)

    hahaha, it is funny to see all of the Otis love

  • Juergen

    he arrived at July 11.2016 in his office

  • Louise Abate St Clair

    July 8th! If a time is needed say about sunrise time!

  • MChez

    July 4, he’ll be there for the salmon buffet!

  • Frogs On!

    July 14th at around 3:20am EDT.

  • betterthanwatchingwimbledon

    July 9th 4.30 p.m.ADT

  • MsTeddyBear

    July 12th in the afternoon

  • SoCalif

    July 6, 11 am ADT – you go Otis!

  • lyrics2go

    July 8, 3:00pm ADT

  • Cathy Ramsden Robinson

    July 7th, 11:57 pm :)

  • Cincygirl

    July 11 6:15 PM ADT

  • SL

    July 8, 9:30 ADT

  • Nancy McLaren Clark

    July 12 at about 4;15pm

  • Erie (Ontario)

    July 11 6:00 pm

  • Cadonna16

    July 7th at 3:56 ADT

  • Pipersmom

    July 13th 10:00 am ADT

  • Britta

    July 1, wishful thinking.

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Congrats! This was our closest guess. Email us at more@explore.org to claim a prize.

    • LisaStL

      Congrats Britta!!! I don’t see you on chat right now, enjoy the pics & vids when you check in!!

      • Britta

        Sooooo excited! Thanks!

  • Kathy Lowry

    July 10, 10pm AK time! Hooray OTIS!!!!!!

  • Trisha

    July 14th at 1pm ADT

  • http://www.elegantlychocolate.com StacyTx

    July 10 at 6pm Alaska time

  • DianaC

    July 12

  • Gill Scott-horne

    JULY 10TH, 11 am Alaska time, it would make a lovely birthday present, :)

  • fightingbluehen

    July 3rd. But only because 747 is picking up all of the hot chicks and he wants to get in on the action.

  • superseed

    July 14th.

  • alwaysconservative

    July 13.

  • JoniT@NC

    July 12th…..9:30 am Alaska time……or is that way too early in the morning?????

  • Gillian

    I seem to recall a contest last year around how many fish can Otis eat in a day. We all thought we’d spend the day watching him in his office but he was having none of it & the Cam Ops spent the day chasing him around the lower river. If he gets wind of this he’ll be late so I’ll say 20 July but as long as he turns up safe & well I’ll be happy.

  • http://explore.org/ MMB

    I will guess July 3 2016

  • Brenda D

    July 7th, 2016

  • CeilPA

    July 11th

  • DaisySue

    July 16th.

  • CSchafer

    July 10th so all the working folks will have time to sit and zen out with him.

  • SaintM

    July 8th! 7am

    • CatzRule

      You saw him?

      • SaintM

        still waiting

  • jancita

    July 4th, 3 PM AKDT. Otis is, deep down, a very patriotic bear.

  • Jade Bear

    I’d say anytime now. July 2; 1900 Alaska time.

  • texanrhonda

    July 9th. 6am if we need to pick a time.

  • debra turnbull

    July 6 afternoon

  • HstryDiva

    July 21st

  • edgey

    July 15th lunch time

  • Amo2326

    July 4th dinner time

  • AnnieW

    July 18th, breakfast!

  • amazed

    July 7.

  • yknotsoar

    July 14 @ 5:00 pm

  • TinyJulz <

    on my birthday July 10

  • Patricia phelan

    July 7

  • Ratna Narayan

    errm July 1st!

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Well Ratna, you’re our closest guess! Congrats! Email us at more@explore.org to claim a prize.

  • Luv2fishdarlene

    July 9

  • Kathy McCreary

    July 16 @ 4pm

  • AnneGA

    July 5th

  • Michelle in N.C.

    July 18

  • MollyGee-TX

    July 4th

  • Dan

    July 10th, same as last year.

  • gossamerLL

    July 6th 8pm Alaska time

  • Adanac

    Thursday, July 7, 7:30 pm Alaska Time

  • Karen Langley

    July 3, 7:00 am Alaska Time

  • Bear’s Mom

    July 9

  • E. Sandberg

    July 14

  • IslandDunesGal

    July 5th

  • lMelanie Linehan

    July 22nd, 12:02pm

  • Carol Doucet

    july 7 102 pm

  • Janine & Reid

    July 9 at 8 pm ADT

  • Nippykippy

    july 5 noon eastern time

  • Klash

    July 4

  • Amy Fahncke Cojanis

    July 8th at 10 a.m.

  • MargueriteCT

    July 6th. Afternoon

  • BearBell

    July 15th , evening.

  • grandmaj

    Thursday July7, 2016 8:45 p.m. AKT

  • mcelgun

    July 11th afternoon

  • Martha

    July 10

  • Moimoi20

    July 8…7:30 PM

  • Carol Kirby

    July 7th late morning

  • lisa benedict

    July4th! , Midday,noonish :)

  • Deborah

    Saturday July 2 in the afternoon- Otis is not much of a morning bear!

  • Stephen B

    July 6th

  • Kazzvolley

    4th of July 6pm est

  • Edie

    Sunday, July 3rd at noon

  • Naomi Boak

    July 5th

  • KEA77899

    July 7th

  • abcayemich

    July 5th. 8:18 am(AK)

  • Eaglenut1

    July 9 7:50 pm ADT..Welcome Back Otis!!

  • flowerbear

    july 7 8am(AK)

  • mamabear

    7/11/16 any time he wants after all he is “the Chairman”

  • Pam

    July 6 10:30 am

  • Kat in TX

    July 10th

  • CamOp_Greg

    480 Otis has returned to Brooks Falls (pic)
    #bearcam fan video by erum chad

  • sambuzzard

    I will pick 7/16/2016

  • sambuzzard

    whoops too late

  • ammakris

    I have a question! The small bear that’s been swimming and pacing near the bridge, what is it looking for?

  • Nancy Cuykendall Botting

    With the abundance of salmon that I am seeing, I am surprised that more bears aren’t fishing at the falls.

  • Bizzybizzybee

    Gotta be July 10…..around 10:30 a.m., I think!

  • Kathy Caywood

    Does anyone know if there are scheduled live ranger play by plays for the bears?

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