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Avalanche Dogs are the Ultimate Hope of Rescue

Tragically this week, avalanches have killed scores of people in mountainous northeastern Afghanistan over a three-day period. At least 168 people have died. Many more are missing, and dozens of houses have been destroyed by the massive rushes of snow. In remote areas of the Panjshir province, rescue is difficult and residents have been trying


Thank you for the spectacular sunsets!

We recently asked you to capture some stellar snapshots of sunsets, to remind ourselves that though winter is coming, it’s possible to catch some vibrant color each and every night. We’re seriously stoked to see the pics you’ve shared, because they are simply beautiful. Here are some of our favorite!

black footed ferret

Black-Footed Ferret Makes a Comeback

The black-footed ferret, or mustela nigripes, edged close to extinction. However, the prairie dog-hunting native of North America is making a comeback.