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chipmunk on a log

This little chipmunk is looking a bit plump. He may have just had a feast!

Top 5 Chipmunk Camera Photos Of The Week

These little critters sure are cute! If you can not get out to the forest to enjoy a little walk with chipmunks scurrying across your path; then take a look at the live cam to feel like you are in the woods! Here are five of the best photos of the week from Lake Dillon, Colorado.

Live Chipmunk Camera

chipmunk photo

photo captured by member Bonnie in Utah

chipmunk photo

“Tag! You’re it!”

chipmunk photo

“Hey! What’s that over there? Let me stand up to see over that log.”

chipmunk photo eating

This little squirrel is nibbling on a tiny snack.

EXPLORE The Complete – Chipmunk Live Camera Experience

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