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Fat Bear Week Quarterfinal Preview

By Mike Fitz The polls have closed on Fat Bear Week round one and the competition just keeps getting bigger. During Fat Bear Week, you can vote for the bear you think is the fattest bearcam bear of 2018 (learn more about how to participate). 409 Beadnose, 854 Divot, 32 Chunk, and 719 have advanced


Snow on Chipmunk Mountain!

The explore.org Chipmunk Cams will soon go off-air for the winter. With below freezing temperatures and blanket of snow on the ground, Colorado’s Lake Dillon – home of the Chipmunk Mountain and Chipmunk Log cams – will become a powdery playground for thousands of skiers flocking to the surrounding slopes, but the resident chipmunks will

Lurch Being Lurch (Video)

In this new video highlight, Lurch, an adult male and one of the larger brown bears at Katmai, picks at scraps before hibernating for the winter. As high-caloric food becomes scarce, these brown bears enter a state of dormancy as a survival mechanism. Their physiology and metabolism shifts in rather incredible ways to help them

For Polar Bears, More Fat is Better

There have been many sightings of polar bears on the coast near Churchill this summer, including some that were seen from the Beluga Cams. Most bears have seemed fairly healthy so far, which for polar bears means fat.

September is Here; The Ospreys Aren’t for Long

It’s September already and fall officially begins in 3 weeks. Send summer off in style with the Osprey¬†and celebrate the forthcoming autumn with the Bear.

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