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Snow on Chipmunk Mountain!

The explore.org Chipmunk Cams will soon go off-air for the winter. With below freezing temperatures and blanket of snow on the ground, Colorado’s Lake Dillon – home of the Chipmunk Mountain and Chipmunk Log cams – will become a powdery playground for thousands of skiers flocking to the surrounding slopes, but the resident chipmunks will

chipmunk on a log

Top 5 Chipmunk Camera Photos Of The Week

These little critters sure are cute! If you can not get out to the forest to enjoy a little walk with chipmunks scurrying across your path; then take a look at the live cam to feel like you are in the woods! Here are five of the best photos of the week from Lake Dillon,

5 Best Chipmunk Photos Of The Week

The chipmunks are quite camouflaged within the forest. These little creatures are adorable to watch, jumping through the trees, munching on nuts and other various foods. Take a look on the live cam to see how many chipmunks you are able to spot. Here are five of the best pics of the week, captured from the

5 Best Chipmunk Photos Of The Week

The little chipmunks are busy collecting nuts and running through the forest. It is rather hard to spot them. Their fur really hides them well in the woods! See if you can spot chipmunks and other woodland creatures on the live chipmunk cam.