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Thanksgiving Feasts for American Beasts

On Thanksgiving, families across the U.S. will sit down for holiday staples like turkey and stuff, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. In the forests and deserts, though, native wildlife populations will be hunting and gathering far different meals. Check out feasts for bears, deer, wolves and other All-American creatures.

Lydia Conquers the Moose

The Service Dog Project can’t anticipate all the hurdles a dog might encounter in a new town. Luckily their training prepares them for things big and small… and sometimes really big! Here’s a personal story from Annette, a new Service Dog Project mama:

Four Best Chipmunk Cam Snapshots of the Week

Thank you, thank you for snagging the furry creatures of Colorado in your snapshot nets! Our viewers have a good eye for our Chipmunk Live Cam!  You have to do a little searching, so see if you can spot them! We’re making due with the four best and await the fifth from YOU on this newer Live