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chipmunk on a log

Top 5 Chipmunk Camera Photos Of The Week

These little critters sure are cute! If you can not get out to the forest to enjoy a little walk with chipmunks scurrying across your path; then take a look at the live cam to feel like you are in the woods! Here are five of the best photos of the week from Lake Dillon,

Explore the 5 Biomes: Forest

The forest biome first began to appear on Earth 420 million years ago, and the first forests were dominated by 40-foot-tall ferns! In the last age of the dinosaurs, the Cretaceous Period, the first flowering plants appeared. Today, forests cover 1/3 of the Earth and come in three climates: Tropical, temperate and boreal (cool and cold

15 million hectares of native vegetation

Earth Hour shared this from the Nature Conservancy about some amazing, pristine nature in Australia. Read more below about this beautiful photo and explore more nature. natureconservancy: With nearly 15 million hectares of native vegetation, Australia’s Great Western Woodlands are still largely intact, blanketing one percent of the continent and supporting some of the world’s

Move Over Monday: Redwood Forest.

Move Over Monday Get on the road through the Redwood Forest. Did You Know? (from Redwoods.info): The Redwoods are 20 million years old. The world’s tallest tree was discovered in late 2006 in an undisclosed location in the Redwoods National and State Park in Humboldt County. It was named Hyperion and is 379.1 feet tall,