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Puffin Live Chat with Steve Kress (8/31)

Hi Puffineers! As we get closer to puffin chick Grace’s fledge date we’re joined by Project Puffin Founder and Director Dr. Steve Kress to discuss this season in the Puffin Burrow!

Join us on Friday, August 31st at 3pm ET / 12pm PT to learn about all the “novelty” seafood deliveries this summer and how they relate to the bigger picture of the puffin colony’s health. Ask Dr. Kress about life after fledging or any other questions you have from this season. You can write them in the comments of this blog post and we’ll be sure to get them over to Steve. The chat will be live on the Puffin Burrow cam, so see you there and then!

  • Ellen

    Hi Dr Kress , such a honor , Thank you for all you do , my question is where do the pufflings go after they have fledged ? Do they head north with the adults or do they go straight out to sea to that area in the middle of the ocean that I heard is south of cape cod Massachusetts ? Thank you so much , and Thank you to all of the researchers and helpers for all they do for the most wonderful and beautiful birds I have ever known , very much appreciated . Thanks , Ellen :)

  • Colleen

    I so admire all the work you, your researchers and all who help with this endeavor accomplish. The dedication of everyone involved is so inspiring. Do the pufflings ever fledge in daylight hours, especially if they have stayed in the burrow longer than usual?

  • http://www.jewelryincandles.com/store/d-n-j-phillips Dusty Phillips

    How many of the pufflings this year survived to fully fledge and what caused some to be lost during August?

  • http://www.jewelryincandles.com/store/d-n-j-phillips Dusty Phillips

    Do all the puffins that were fledged on Seal Island return or will they end up going to other puffin areas and can the age of a mate vary by a year or two or are the mates always from the same fledge year?

  • Kelly Williams

    Thank you Dr. Kress for all you do and for taking the time to chat. I’m curious about how the puffins “claim” a burrow? I understand there have been two sets of parents in #59 – is it first come, first serve? With the intruders this year, there was some speculation the puffin(s) might have been looking for a burrow for next year – so was not understanding how they could claim it a year in advance – what is considered a claim?

  • Cassandra Ormsbee

    hi im cassandara and stop emailing me please

    • Kerry Kent

      Hi Cassandra, if you’re receiving emails you don’t want, there should be an option at the bottom of the email to “unsubscribe”. I hope this helps :)

  • spangles34

    Hi Dr Kress, what is the latest date that Puffins have been spotted on Seal Island.

  • Kerry Kent

    My mom wants to know if puffins ever visit dry land other than mating season, and if so, where? Also, will Gracie see her parents again? Thank you Dr. Kress, we’re so grateful for Project Puffin and everyone involved–what a joy these puffins are!

  • Puffinmuffin

    Dr Kress, I have been wondering what keeps Gracie from fledging. Is it the fuzz she still has around her head or body weight or ? Thanks for your answer.

  • Mireena

    Dr. Kress. Do the mosquitoes pose a health risk?
    What are the problems your seeing with a diet deficient of the correct food for their diets?
    Thank you so much for your dedication.

  • Ms Mary

    Dr. Kress, Thank you for your focus on the Atlantic Puffin and for giving us a chance to appreciate the partnership, caring, and affection of a Puffin Pair to bring their offspring to the point of independence. It is quite a dedication. When the Puffin fledglings go out to sea do they hang around until they find other fledglings, do they mix with adults and fledglings, or do they go alone at a great distance from other birds, minding their own business? Aren’t Sea Birds are usually in groups? Thank You.

  • BeaPuffin

    Thank you Dr. Kress for all the work that you do, not only to restore puffins’ colonies but also to spread the world of climate change consequences.
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you keep any statistics of the puffins that fledge and return every year? Are you seeing some sort of trend there?
    2. Do you know what caused the increment in food availability in August?

  • Jamie Post

    Dr.Kress, I have your wonderful book, and I want to thank you for bringing these puffins back to Maine.
    I have noticed that Willie and Billie have not stayed with Grace as much this season as in the past. She has been alone so much of the time.
    Has that been a setback to Grace? I know the shortage of fish has been a problem this season. Thank you. Elizabeth

  • MamaDenise

    I have watched for many seasons and wonder why the Camera coverage has been so sporadic this year. Has the provider changed or is it an equipment issue and/or what else might be needed? How can we help?

  • hj1madcity

    I would like to know more about the puffin burrow intruders. Thank you for Project Puffin and it’s many dedicated members.

  • Ivernian Eye

    Dr. Kress, how do you all know what happens after the puffins return to the sea? How, generally, do experts in your field track puffins when they’re no longer on land? This will sound dumb, but do people go out to sea to study them as well? Thank you for doing this chat today, and thank you for your important work.

  • Kelly Williams

    Can you explain a little about the tracking bands, what exactly are their capabilities?

  • SoCalMom

    Once they fledge, do they have any puffins out there at sea to show them the ropes like the Guillemots have? Thank you!

  • Monica Blide

    Good afternoon Dr. Kress, this is my first year watching the puffins and it has been such an interesting and emotional experience to watch Grace and her family. My question is about the gulls – I’ve read many comments about the gulls and whether or not they will actually prey on the pufflings or if they are just there to see if there are any fish leftovers available once the pufflings have fledged, Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Can you tell us whether or not the gulls pose an actual danger to the pufflings? Thank you to you and Keenan and everyone else who cares about and for the puffins!

  • Ivernian Eye

    Dr. Kress, how would you assess the state of puffins in this part of the world, and worldwide? Are they under threat, and if so which are the biggest threats to puffins? Would you say this is an upward trend, or are things getting continuously worse? What can we as individuals do to make a difference? Thank you.

  • Brenda L Reddy

    Thank you Dr. Kress; I have a few questions: 1) earlier this season we had great concern about Grace’s feeding or rather what appeared to be lack of feedings; is there a point when the researchers may deem intervention is best? 2) I Loved Gillie the Guillemot chick and understand this was a first-time banding- will 2019 have another Guillemot chick for observation? 3) I had read that Razorbills are some what reclusive, yet they were freely accepted and hanging with puffins on the Loafing Ledge- any chance of observing them further? Thank you again

  • Ivernian Eye

    How much longer until Gracie’s face turns white?

  • Ms Mary

    Hi Dr. Kress, One day on the Puffin Loafing Ledge, one of the Puffins ran toward another and chased it a bit, then dragged it into that crevice we see up front on that site and the one being dragged growled or made a objection noise What kind of competition is seen amongst Puffins and is it both males and females? I suppose some Puffins might need to be guided or kept in line like the intruder that attacked Gracie. What have your observations been regarding Puffin fighting?

  • Piggies1013

    Hello, Dr. Kress and thank you for this chat. Q. How do Puffins find fish? Research states that Puffins and other predators rely on Pelagic fish. – fish that live in the upper ocean column. The Puffins eat juvenile fish species that travel in schools. How does the Puffin locate schools of fish that are constantly moving. Do they need to travel long distances between schools. They also must be in steep competition with other fish and mammals? Q. How far can a newly fledged puffin dive. Thanks again. :)

  • Lisa Pietschinski

    Hi there – I need to know do puffins sleep upright on on there side like we see Grace doing in the burrow

  • Ivernian Eye

    What tells the puffins it’s time to return to Seal Island? Is it related to rising temperatures wherever they are at sea, or other factors?

  • Chip ( Mary)

    Why do they still eat puffins in areas like Iceland when they are in danger of extinction?

  • showmemary

    Will the late start cause any effect to the rest of the year? Will they be in the right place at the right time, so to speak??

  • Newsygirl

    Did Grace fledge?? I don’t see her at 10:57 P.T.