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Spread Holiday Cheer with our Jingle Paws Contest!

You and your animal friends can make spirits bright this season by entering explore’s Jingle Paws Photo Contest! It’s all about having fun and sharing the special moments with our explore community.

Happy Independence Day from Project Puffin!

Hope Hatches! In a rock crevice at Seal Island NWR, 18 miles to sea from Rockland, Maine,  a pair of puffins have nested together for many years.  Last year their attempt to raise a chick ended when puffin chick ‘Petey’ starved because the parents could only find over-sized butterfish that were too large for it

Let’s Do The Numbers…

The Blackpoll Warbler, on its 3,500 mile migration, will have flapped its wings about three million times. If burning standard motorcar fuel, its fuel economy would be 720,000 miles per US gallon. Let’s reframe this: The average American drives 12,000 miles every year, and their driveable years is about age 55. This means the average

South American Holiday

The Ospreys should be celebrating the holiday in warmer climes of South America right now! Photo Courtesy of Eric Snyder

Caroling For You

A guillemot, a puffin, and a razorbill are singing on top of a mountain. Sound like the start of a joke? Okay, maybe it is just a way to wish you a happy holidays from Project Puffin. Photo Courtesy Of: reachling:

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