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Patriotic Pets

Capture any cute pet pics this Independence weekend? Send them our way! Visit our Dog Bless You or Explore.org Facebook page and share your pics with us. Follow the feeds for updates on live cams as well. Our newest live cam offers a rare insight into the life of the Snowy Owl and its 6

From Sea to Shining Sea

This 4th of July, from the purple mountains to the fruited plains celebrate America the beautiful. Our newest Live Cams are helping preserve America’s amazing wilderness while bringing it directly into your home! Explore the Brown Bears of Alaska, who are descending upon Brooks River for salmon fishing season. Or head to Maine where baby Puffin Pal and Osprey chicks, Pia,

Happy Independence Day from Project Puffin!

Hope Hatches! In a rock crevice at Seal Island NWR, 18 miles to sea from Rockland, Maine,  a pair of puffins have nested together for many years.  Last year their attempt to raise a chick ended when puffin chick ‘Petey’ starved because the parents could only find over-sized butterfish that were too large for it