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Bear Story: Ratna Narayan

“This is my story. I am Grazer’s cub, the lil one, you know me as Peanut! Today was a very exciting day for me. I caught my first salmon in the Riffles. My mom Grazer caught a salmon and was eating it on a rock in the Riffles all by herself! I was so hungry,


Brown Bear Story: Marie G

“Late in the evening on 7/14/15 an unknown sow and her tiny spring cub showed up on the far side of the river at Brooks Falls. There were several large males nearby. After a few minutes they tried to leave but couldn’t climb the steep bank. It seemed they were trapped and I was concerned

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Brown Bear Story: CamOp Kat

“It was July 25, 2013… my first season volunteering on the bear cams. I had been on the Service Dog Project cameras for four months and now here I was at Katmai where I had already fallen in love with Beadnose and her cubs. This morning though, Brooke and her three spring cubs were walking

503 and Walker 151 Play Fighting

Brown Bear Story: KenaiRiver

A Tale of Brown Bears and Two Rivers “This is a story of two Alaskan rivers, both rich in history and wildlife. The nationally famous Kenai River, meandering for 82 miles through the heart of the Kenai Peninsula empties into Cook Inlet. It is recognized more for fishing rather than for bears. And, the beloved


Brown Bear Story: Larinor

“Another favorite memory is the sweet scene in 2015 of Bear 402 nursing her quadruplets. She had a look of complete contentment and peace on her face at that moment, which contrasted sharply with her frantic fishing at the Falls only minutes before. I was relieved that she was able to lie back and relax

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