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Bear Story: Kay Reive

“I admit I don’t have a great story to go with my picture but with it I can only give you the feeling of the moment…It was mother and baby on their own relaxing together at the end of the day. The colour of blue was beautiful and the moment captured the peace and tranquility

Brown Bear Story: calliopejane

“Back in 2014, on my first trip to Katmai National Park, we did a float down to Big Creek and King Salmon. Along theway we saw a yearling and her injured mother who had a snare cutting into her neck. Right after I got home I saw a post on Explore that the injured bear

Bear Story: Jeanette Koenig

“My favorite moment was back in 2012, when we saw Lurch tending a cache for several days. The story had begun a few days earlier, when Patches (I think) had been observed on the cache. The cams went dark for the night, and the next morning, Patches was gone, Lurch was in his place, and