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Brown Bear Story: Marie G

“Late in the evening on 7/14/15 an unknown sow and her tiny spring cub showed up on the far side of the river at Brooks Falls. There were several large males nearby. After a few minutes they tried to leave but couldn’t climb the steep bank. It seemed they were trapped and I was concerned for the cub. I’d only been watching the bears for a week and I didn’t know what to expect.


After awhile the mother bear and her cub got away. I had no idea that it was only the beginning of the adventures of 273 and her beloved cub “Velcro.” They stole my heart, right from the beginning.” –¬†Marie G

Thank you to all the wonderful Brown Bear stories, we are so excited to see what wonderful surprises we see this summer! Make sure to tune in, all season long, for more bear fun!