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Bear Story: Ratna Narayan


“This is my story. I am Grazer’s cub, the lil one, you know me as Peanut! Today was a very exciting day for me. I caught my first salmon in the Riffles. My mom Grazer caught a salmon and was eating it on a rock in the Riffles all by herself! I was so hungry, I forgot my fear and stepped bravely on the rocks to go to her hoping she would give me some salmon. Then it happened! I saw a salmon glisten in the water. My mind was racing. what if I caught a salmon? I am little, could I do it? quick as a flash I bent my head and bit into the salmon. It thrashed around a little, it was as big as me. I was worried it would push me off the rock I was standing on! I held on with all my might and slowly made my way back to the bank. It was fighting me , but I didn’t let it go. I was going to eat it all by myself, and maybe share some with Walnut and Coconut ( his name is Butternut , but I call him Coconut hehehe). My mom Grazer didn’t see me catching the fish. A kind lady who watches us on the bear cams took these pictures of me catching my first salmon. I am so excited and happy. Please show them to my mom Grazer so she knows that one day I will grow to be as strong as her.” –Ratna Narayan



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  • Stacey

    Ratna — I love this story! Thanks so much for writing it!

  • Sheryl Bearfan

    This is a beautiful story Ratna and reads like something that could evolve into a storyline for a children’s book. Thank you for writing it.

  • flyawaygirl

    He maybe small, our Peanut, but catching that fish told us he was a survivor! Well done Ratna.

  • gleigh

    I remember the day, thanks for expressing the joy so well

  • Baby peas

    Beautiful Ratna. A special moment preserved for always.

  • Margaret

    Great story and pics, Ratna. Very nice job

  • Lori Lee Collins

    Fun story! I was lucky to see this live on the RW cam. Great memory! Grazer will be proud!

  • CAdonna1

    Raaaaaattttnnnaaaaa!! This is beautiful!

  • Zina Ciceklic

    Wonderful family happily, Grazer is a great Mother

  • Xan Xan