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Bear Story: SLH

“In 2016 the continued antics of #273 & Velcro was always such a joyful time. The bond they shared and showed reaffirmed why I became addicted to the cams in 2014. On 7-28-16 these 2 committed a bear jam once again. Watching them fiddle with the cable was just another one of their antics they

Bear Story: E.A.V

“What your kids do behind your back” Two cubs tried to stay out of trouble while mommy tried to catch salmon – 7/10 2016 – E.A.V Want your story featured? Submit it here!

Bear Story: TinyJulz <><

“My favorite moment is when 402 and her 4 spring cubs were walking along the lower river on a still, brisk and beautiful autumn day of September 23, 2015. The cubs were all line up perfectly behind their mom on the trail as to be playing follow the leader. 🐻🐻🐻🐻and mom 402 🐻” – TinyJulz

Bear Story: Ratna Narayan

“This is my story. I am Grazer’s cub, the lil one, you know me as Peanut! Today was a very exciting day for me. I caught my first salmon in the Riffles. My mom Grazer caught a salmon and was eating it on a rock in the Riffles all by herself! I was so hungry,

Brown Bear Story: hugabeagle

“One of my favorite moments from last season was this napping bear on the bank of the Brooks River. With food so plentiful at this time of year for this satisfied napper, the moment spawned this inspiration in me – sung to the familiar tune of “Summer Time”. Salmon time… and the livin’ is eeeasy.

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